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Hi, I'm Blake!

Blake Rozendaal working with 4th of July committee

When my wife and I were searching for a place to buy our first home, we scoured the metro area to find somewhere with abundant public spaces, accessible trails, quality schools for our growing family, and ways to get involved in the community. Urbandale checked all those boxes and we put down roots. Since then, this city has continued to live up to those criteria that we originally picked it to call home.


I work on the Urbandale Public Art Committee supporting projects like the public piano, musical performance series, and the snow plow blade painting. I also serve on the Urbandale 4th of July Celebration Committee as the website manager, volunteer through the Urbandale Community Action Network to support those in need in our community, and am finishing my Masters of Business Administration this summer. These varied experiences have opened my eyes to the opportunities in our community and how we can grow into the future.


It is because of these experiences that I feel called to run for a seat on the Urbandale City Council because I have seen first hand the impacts of local government and how it can be a monumental force for good in people’s lives. As a father of young children, a technology professional, and involved member of the community, I will provide a unique perspective to the council through my passion and experience.

My Priorities for Urbandale

Sustainable Infrastructure: Commit laser focus to our infrastructure priorities to find creative solutions for Urbandale’s sustainable growth
Housing for All Stages: Encourage broadening the development of housing for people at all stages of life
Expanded Opportunity: Expand our economic and social opportunities to ensure Urbandale has a unified community identity
Public Safety: Continue to equip our first responders with the right tools, training, and staffing to handle each situation appropriately, be it a fire, mental health crisis, or anything in between
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